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Need help spreading the word about an upcoming show, sports event, party, or another live event? Cut through the digital noise and leverage the power of genuine social engagement before, during, and after your event. Through our Kompass Kommunity of 2,000+ members strong, we can bring your event to the center of local communities’ attention and help you foster real connections with attendees.

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    Easy facilitation of ticket sales. You determine a set number of passes that can be claimed by our members. Once those passes are validated at your venue, we pay you per pass. 100% of the ticket sales collected. It’s more revenue with less hassle.

  • Notifications

    Instant push notification of your upcoming event to anyone who’s opted in for your event category to maximize event attendance. So if you’re hosting an upcoming concert, we’ll make sure that only people who have selected “live entertainment” category will see it.

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    Access to insights that include a demographic breakdown of who attended your event and total amount of revenue generated through Kompass Events.